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ZEL’s LeadershipXchange program provides a unique learning and networking opportunity for executives and managers from different companies to swap roles and gain new perspectives. Our 5-day workshops, supported by assessments and practical management tools, are guided by senior trainers with extensive professional experience. This program helps leaders develop their skills and understanding of different aspects of an organization, all while avoiding direct competition issues.

The most valuable Leadership Program of our Leadership journey so far

We are proud and glad to share as many of our Audi, GE, Thyssenkrupp and T-Systems participants stated that this was the most valuable leadership program of their leadership journey so far.

We might know why:

Leadership exchange refers to a program in which individuals who are involved in leadership positions, such as executives or managers, swap roles or positions with one another in order to gain new experiences and perspectives. This can be a valuable learning opportunity for companies and their leaders to explore how they live their personal and leadership values, furthermore they can develop their leadership skills and gain a deeper understanding of different aspects of an organization.

The program provides a unique learning and networking opportunity for same-level Leaders from 3 different, carefully curated companies, with 8-12 participants per company. In order to avoid direct competition issues such as management turnover and information withholding, special care is taken to select companies that are not in direct competition but share a common ground upon which the case studies can be built.

The 5-day workshops are supported by a blended learning system, by different, interplaying assessments, and practical management tools. But most importantly, participants are guided through the program by senior trainers with 15-20 years of professional experience. So, they get ongoing professional support in understanding the problem they are facing and how to solve it.

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