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Decision Bias

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Even when people consider the quality of their decision making as good, decisions can still be biased. Thanks to contemporary researchers and popular books, many executives now realize how biases may distort their practice. Accordingly, one of the reasons for this is that people rely heavily on heuristics to make judgments. Heuristics are shortcuts or rules of thumb that people use to make decisions in order to save time or conquer ambiguity or information overload. Simply said, they are often used because they can be fast and easy. Unfortunately, they can also lead to wrong judgments and bad outcomes.

Our original measurement tool on decision bias specially designed for leaders, provides insight into the impact of the 12 most common heuristics on the individual and helps to discover differences between self perception and their true effect. With its help leaders may gain understanding about their decision-making style, unconscious preferences and simplifying strategies. The tool is tailored to support self-reflection during the process of submission and participants receive a detailed feedback on their affectedness and its meaning regarding traps and biases they should pay attention in the future.

What could you benefit from taking our assessment as a leader?

Well, first, knowing and reflecting on leader’s decision-making practice could turn out as superpower in an inherently ambiguous world.

Secondly, It is a valuable piece of knowledge because it can provide leaders with information on the way in which they value decisions.

And finally, taking the test also raises the level of consciousness on factors influencing their mechanisms regarding decision-making processes, therefore providing leaders with information how to avoid typical bias.

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